Scrap Notifier

Scrap Notifier 1.0

Scrap Notifier pops up a notification box whenever you receive a scrap in Orkut

Scrap Notifier is a program that pops up a notification box every time you receive a scrap in Orkut (a social network powered by Google, which lets you share comments and applications with your friends).

Scrap Notifier will place a tiny icon in your task bar. Each time you receive a scrap in your Orkut account, the program will pop-up a balloon letting you know that a new message has arrived. You can open your Orkut window by double-clicking on this icon (the program also acts as a standard Orkut Client). You can set how often you want Scrap Notifier to look for new scraps in your account. You can also refresh the content of your Orkut page from here, or go to the program’s help.

I tested this program myself, and it failed to check my scraps, even after I granted it special access in my Windows XP firewall. The scraps arrived, and the Orkut client showed them, but the notifier kept telling me that it was unable to check for new scraps, suggesting me to check if I were logged in to Orkut. I have followed the directions provided in the Help section, and stayed logged in my profile’s page for a while. It did not work either.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It provides a handy way of accessing your Orkut account


  • The Notifier did not work for me
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